Behind the project...

Serafino™ Luxury is a brand born by the passion of young designers considerably attentive to progress. A team of people constantly looking for innovation, able to create the Serafino ™Luxury Watch cases. A process that required tenacity, dedication, trials and creativity.
The aim was to create a unique product, able to make unique an ordinary object. Many users have craved an Apple Watch for years; many of them do not wear it for important occasions due to its minimal, sporty design.
The designers at Serafino ™ Luxury started sketching what the mind would imagine: a complex creative process that lead to the creation of a prototype.
Lines became shapes and any mistake was corrected until the final project was born a project that resembles perfection.
The combination of the various elements, united to the exclusivity of the project, makes the Serafino ™ Luxury Apple Watch cases unique.
The result is a case, combined with a range of watchbands that vary in colours and materials and the cohesion of these elements made the Serafino ™ Luxury Apple Watch cases the perfect representation of elegance, style, uniqueness and rarity.
Serafino ™ Luxury is more than a team of designers leading a brand, it is a mission to offer an exclusive product, accommodating everybody, a product able to change the status quo of whom wears it.

Buying on of our products will let you be part of our family and, at the same time, turn your life around.
We will always continue our research to offer you products as special as unique.