Serafino Luxury ™ watchbands collection is made of 3 premium materials: steel, leather and silicon designed to give a classy touch to any style.
The Apple Watch’s case cover is entirely made of stainless steel of the best steel mills of Mantova, Italy.
This cover is a rarety, produced with millimetric precision and a unique desgin. Multiple colours, from pure steel to a mixed combination with carbon fibre and golden leaf 24 carats. Concrete reality.
  • The watchbands in the Leather collection are made with the best Turkish leathers; hand made bands and inoxidizable steel buckles, made to last.
  • The same steel used for the Apple Watch’s case is used to make the watchbands too, inox steel for a safer latch, available in various colours.
  • The silicon bands are obtained thanks to a special silicon cruelty free blend, thanks to which they last ten times longer than common silicon bands.
The assembly process and the colourful mix of covers and bands create an unmistakable design for the Serafino Luxury ™ collection.