The Serafino Luxury ™ collection has been designed to fit for any occasion giving elegance to those who wear them.

The Leather collection has been planned for the formal occasions. A suit, cufflinks matching the watchband and the Apple Watch became a classy, elegant  watch. Using a Serafino Luxury ™ watchband will show an elegant style to gala, meetings or business trips. 
The inox steel will offer your Apple Watch the features of a high range watch never out of context. Brunches, aperitives, travels or simply through the daily routine, the steel is a must have to always be aligned to ohers, but being unique at the same time.
The silicon selection is for the relaxing moments off of work, to be with you during your free time. It has been created to give a touch of rareness also during your training sessions.
The different Serafino Luxury ™ collections have a common trait: they’re aimed at making the person exclusive in any context.