You probably had no idea you could flip your Apple Watch around, but now that you know, here's why you absolutely should.

I was really feeling bad for our good friend Siri. I never realized how often I wake her up because I move my wrist up just enough to press the crown. Putting on my seat belt, reaching in a pocket, typing on my laptop, picking my kids up in the air. You know, things I almost never do. All this time she's just sitting there waiting on me to say something intelligent. Or say anything at all.

Seriously--leave Siri alone. 

Now that I flipped the watch around, I have literally not once summoned her unnecessarily. 

2. Your thumb is meant for pushing buttons, not swiping.

Maybe it's just because mine are fat, but thumbs aren't that great at swiping on a tiny screen (or really any screen). Do you know what thumbs are good for? Pressing things. 

Side button on the iPhone. Stopwatches. Video game controllers.

Plus, the default orientation of the Apple Watch means you're constantly moving your finger back and forth between the display and the dial--which, come on, is such a productivity killer.

But, when you flip it around, your pointer finger will thank you since now it can just swipe and tap, and your thumb is perfectly aligned with what it really wants--a button to press.

 3. Volume control

Speaking of your thumb, not only is it better for pressing buttons like the Digital Crown, it's better at using the scroll feature, which is now in the perfect location for making quick adjustments. 

If you've ever tried to use your finger to scroll that tiny little wheel, you know you have to brace the watch with your thumb anyway, so just let it do all the work.

4. You can stop yelling at your wrist now.

You probably know that the Apple Watch has a tiny little microphone. If you're supposed to talk to your Apple Watch, why is the microphone on the opposite side from your mouth? 

I mean, I guess it's fun to pretend like you're a secret agent and hold your wrist up to your mouth but come on. Let's be practical. It makes a lot more sense to have that microphone closer to your face, especially since Siri is getting a lot smarter in WatchOS 6, which means you'll likely be talking to her a lot more often. 

5. Your watch is about to grow up.

All this time, your Apple Watch has been safely watched over by your iPhone. In fact, it was mostly an accessory to a smartphone that did most of the heavy lifting. You still needed the iPhone to find and download apps, and make most of the big changes to settings. 

All of that changes with WatchOS 6 because your watch is about to go off on its own. It's all grown up and ready to handle life without having to always check in with dad, which means you'll be doing a lot more on that small screen. A lot more tapping, swiping, and pressing the button. 

Ready? Here's how.

I can tell I've convinced you. The good news is, if you're ready to make the change, it's really quite simple. Simply open the Watch app on your iPhone, tap "General," then "Watch Orientation," and then choose "Digital Crown on Left Side" if you're wearing it on your left wrist.

Obviously, the opposite would be true if you wear it on the right.

You'll also probably want to reverse your watch band, but Apple makes that super easy too. Just press the small release buttons on the back of the watch where the band connects, turn it around, and reattach. 

You're welcome.

Source: Jason Aten for INC